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I'm Dr Becky Quicke.


These images shine a light on the Yin/Yang energies that flow through me. As your guide from fear to fulfilment I bring fun, passion, authenticity, empathy, quality, commitment, compassion and courage to my work. Oh and I love a good brew!

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As ambitious women juggling work/home responsibilities, we can easily fall into the trap of self doubt and holding ourselves back. Deep down we want to embrace our potential but we’re not sure how to step out of the cycle of self limiting beliefs and anxious feelings. All too often, this is compounded by the fast paced, ever changing and complex world.

Imagine the freedom and clarity of truly believing in ourselves. In addition, imagine the power of stepping into the potential of our authentic selves. As such we can transform ambition into action. This means we can progress our careers, build our businesses and create the legacies we desire for the next generation who will come to walk in our footsteps. With the right guide I believe ambitious women who hold themselves back can move from fear to fulfilment and be the person, partner, parent they want to be.

If me and my approach resonates, I would love to guide you or your employees.


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You know you want help with anxiety and self doubt but who do you go to? What qualifications should they have? Who can you trust? There are so many services offering to be your counsellor, trainer, life coach, therapist, career coach, parent coach or provide you or your employees with courses, counselling and therapy for anxiety and personal issues. It can feeling overwhelming. Firstly, check they are a member of a regulated professional body. I am a member of the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) and my registered number is PYL02176.

Next, the ‘fit’ between you and your chosen professional is important. Get a shortlist together and chat directly with the top three or four who resonate with you most. Listen to them and their approach and ask questions. You will intuitively know who suits you best. I provide a FREE 15 minute consultation for us to work out whether I am the right ‘fit’ for you.

Along with my personal qualities and values listed above, here is a little bit about my skills and expertise as a Clinical Psychologist. I became passionate about the science of Psychology during my first BSc Psychology degree in 1997 and decided to pursue a career in the competitive world of Clinical Psychology. I qualified in Manchester in 2005. If that three year doctorate isn’t a test in persistence, commitment and determination then I don’t know what is! My passion for the work has kept me anchored and focused throughout.

I have formal training in many therapeutic models and approaches for individuals and groups. My expertise is in pulling the most helpful and relevant pieces of psychological knowledge and practise together to meet the needs of each unique individual or business environment. I keep well up to date with developments in psychology and predominantly deliver services using pioneering work from the field of contextual behavioural science which includes Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) along with exciting developments from the attachment, trauma and neuroscience research and approaches.

I would describe myself as an ambitious woman in the middle of a successful Clinical Psychology career. Following 15 years of working in NHS mental heath services I now lead my own Clinical Psychology business, which I juggle with being a Mum to my two young daughters. I understand the tension between wanting to progress at work, be there for my family and live a life full of joy and fulfilment. Having worked with parents and children for a large part of my career, I often weave a unique and helpful child psychology thread through my work with ambitious women with families. Although not seeking services for their children, ambitious career mums often love the additional tips on how to respond best to their babies, manage toddler tantrums, communicate better with teenagers and build closer familiy relationships. Alongwith their own anxiety and self doubt, I can help with all of that - these issues often impact on each other.

In summary, I am passionate about sharing scientifically proven psychological skills to help other women let go of anxiety and have the self belief to flourish and fly.

I believe you deserve this and I believe the world needs it.

My services are often co-facilitated with other Psychologists and Therapists from within my business, my team and I help women move from fear to fulfilment.

If you support women in your workforce then let’s see if I am the best person to guide them to believe in themselves, reach their potential and flourish with fulfilment.


If this resonates with you then let’s see if I am the best guide for you to believe in yourself, embrace your potential and feel fulfilled.

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Your free guide to cope with menopause anxiety


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