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Letting go of what's holding you back

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An autumn day retreat to tune into your mind, body and soul and let go of the stress and self doubt that holds you back

So many of us have become disconnected from our bodies and souls. Our minds take control and keep us trapped in stress and anxiety loops. As brilliant problem solvers we try to think our way out but find ourselves back where we started - exhausted, running on empty and increasingly resentful and frustrated.

We have become out of tune from our needs and desires and yet we want to sing our true song.

Throughout my career and through personal experience as a juggling, entrepreneurial mum I have uncovered the essence of how to live in the flow of fulfilment.

This day retreat will take you through 3 key steps of ‘The Attunement Process’. These steps focus on developing psychological flexibility skills to help you let go of stress and bring you back to yourself so you can live with more clarity and confidence.

How will this day retreat help me?

By giving you…

An intimate and safe space to explore your own discord and notice the parts of you that are holding you back

The time to learn and practice some psychological flexibility skills to let go of your unique stress and self doubt

Compassionate witnessing and ritual to help process the letting go

A deepened level of attunement with your body and soul

A deeper sense of trust and faith in yourself

Resources to help you continue taking steps forward towards attunment and fulfilment

A 30 minute follow up call after the retreat

You will also:

Be guided by an experienced Clinical Psychologist who combines her extensive knowledge with humour and humility

Hang out with a small group of like minded and amazing women like you

Have a delicious and nutritious lunch and yummy refreshments throughout the day

Have fun!

All of this at the most beautiful of venues, Yew Tree Wellness, which is nestled in the Cheshire countryside between Knutsford, Wilmslow and Alderley Edge.


What will we be doing?

This is an immersive day of self development. There will be some meditative and visualisation exercises that will help attune you with deeper aspects of your soul. We will take a short stroll outside to bathe in nature and allow Mother Earth to inspire us. There will be personal reflection exercises and discussions in pairs. This is not group therapy and there will not be any expectation to share or talk with the whole group.

How many women will be there?

This in an intimate event so the maximum number is 10.

Who is this for?

Women who want clarity and confidence.

Women want to attune more deeply with their souls.

Women who want some genuinely effective psychological skills to let go of anxiety and embrace fulfilment.

Women who want to uncover the stars that shine deep within them.

Who is this not for?

Women who are currently experiencing high levels of distress or depression.

Women who do not feel relaxed in small groups.

Men! (sorry men, I love you but this one is for ladies only!).

Who will be guiding the retreat? Me, Becky! I am a woman who struggles with self doubt and worries just like you. I have, however, developed a more trusting relationship with my body and soul over the past few years through a continual cycle of attunement and I am more able to free myself from those tricky traps that have held me back in the past.

My path to living with fulfilment is not flat and smooth but I have clarity about which direction I take and I have learned to embrace the challenges on the way. I love bringing science and soul work together - that which we know and that which we believe and trust. I am a true gemini with yin and yang energies in equal measures and believe that our true authentic power comes when they meet together. I frame all of my work within nature's cycles and I can't wait to welcome you into this autumn retreat.

See you there,



Early Bird rate: £175 (before 31st October 2019)

Regular rate: £199

This autumn retreat is the first part of of a 4 part seasonal retreat series… sign up here for ‘Ideas and Inspiration’ to receive all info about the 2020 winter (feb), spring (april) and summer (june) retreats. The whole series will take your through ‘The Attunement Process’ in its entirety.


Life is not an easy journey, the best adventures never are! Let’s tune into ourselves so we know which path to take and allow our stars to guide us along the way towards fulfilment.