Do you feel stuck?

Do you want to let go of self doubt and believe in yourself so you can embrace your potential and move from fear to fulfilment?

Let's transform your relationship with self belief so you can build your business, progress your career and love your life.

Our courses and therapy packages infuse scientifically proven psychology methods with a down to earth approach to help you let go of the fears that hold you back so you can reach your potential in your career, in your business and throughout your life.

As well as you serving others, life needs to serve you! Let me help you hit that sweet spot of clarity and freedom that comes with contributing your unique brilliance to the world, enjoying your life, being financially rewarded and feeling fulfilled.

It is hard to know who to go to for this help. Read a bit about me and see whether me and my approach resonates with you.

Live your dreams

Be fulfilled

Reach your potential

Contribute more

Believe in yourself

Be financially rewarded

As a Clinical Psychologist, I have the professional training, ethical codes of conduct and expertise to understand the psychology of what is holding you back and the psychological skills for the transformational change in self belief that you need and deserve.

I am based in Knutsford, Cheshire close to Manchester but work remotely with ambitious women from all over the North West and across the UK.

I am passionate about my work and believe that you deserve the self belief to reach your potential and move from fear to fulfilment. I also believe that the world needs you to flourish in this way to leave a legacy for the next generation. Let’s pave the way for them to reach for their own stars!


"I thought the overall appraoch was well structured and well presented and I felt it was really original and refreshing. I felt like I was in the hands of a true professional and it was very comforting. I felt safe."

These are the ‘From Fear To Fulfilment’ services that can help you:

On line courses

6 sessions for transformative psychological skills to let go of self doubt and embrace potential.


Day events to immerse yourself in the knowledge and practice of psychological skills to let go of anxiety and self doubt.

Evening events

Dip your toe in and 'Nourish Your Soul' with the ideas and skills from my approach.

One to one

Intensive personal development therapy packages (minimum 6 sessions).

"I loved Becky’s style of presenting - very relaxed, warm and interactive.

The experiential exercises were very helpful in supporting me to reflect on what’s important to me right now, both professionally and personally."

Dip your toes in the water and get some FREE ideas and inspiration straight away


Or, if you are ready to jump right in...