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Help your employees reach their potential

Our courses, coaching and therapies will help your staff believe in themselves and progress their careers

Do your employees:

  • Work in a volatile, uncertain, complex & ambiguous work environment?
  • Resist change and progression?
  • Doubt their own ability?
  • Express the desire and motivation to enhance their performance?
  • Experience Imposter Syndrome?
  • Struggle with the work/life balance?
  • Experience stress and anxiety?

Do you want your employees to:

  • Reach their potential
  • Embrace change and progression
  • Engage and contribute fully in work
  • Enjoy work and be fulfilled
  • Be psychologically flexible
  • Be physically and emotionally well

So many of us under perform and hold ourselves back beneath layers of self doubt and worry in this fast paced and complex world of work. Imagine the clarity and freedom from letting go of those anxieties.

Imagine the incredible impact of your employees embracing the potential of their true, authentic selves. Our training, coaching programs and therapies will help your employees let go of the fears that hold them back, cultivate trust and faith in themselves and build stronger relationships with each other. Only then can they reach their potential, contribute their unique brilliance to the world, feel joy and be fulfilled.

The Menopause Psychologist group programmes

Group Programs

Transformative self development for sustainable emotional and behavioural skills

4 x half day sessions

Max: 15 participants

The Menopause Psychologist workshops


Emotional skill development focusing on one skill ares or topic such as Imposter Syndrome, Communication, Self Belief

Full day sessions

Max: 30 participants

The Menopause Psychologist employee programs

1:1 Employee Programs

Intensive personal development

Minimum 6 sessions

How important is it to support psychological health and flexibility at work?

Evidence shows that psychological well being is the biggest predictor of performance, attendance and engagement in work (T. A., Wright, R. Cropanzano. (2000). Psychological well-being and job satisfaction as predictors of job performance; I. T. Robertson et al (2012). Job and work attitudes, engagement and employee performance: where does psychological well-being fit in?). Neuroscience tells us that high levels of self doubt and anxiety turns our body’s stress response ON and our thinking brains OFF. When stressed we become rigid in our thinking, under perform, burn out, become ill and absent from work. Failing to support psychological health at work is costly - to business, to society, to families and to the individual themselves.

Which path to choose?

There are so many ‘well being’ services out there, who can we trust to deliver the best service?

It is hard to know where to find the best and most appropriate services out there. You need expert professionals with certified qualifications related to mental health, relevant experience who offer evidence based approaches.

We are Clinical Psychologists with extensive training, knowledge and experience in mental health within health, social care and business settings. We are trained to deliver the evidence based ‘Acceptance and Commitment Training in the Workplace’ programme. We specialise on freeing your employees from self doubt and anxiety and helping them reach their potential.

"The workshop was well run, educational and entertaining! I have definitely taken away some ideas to use in my work."

How exactly will your services help us?

We can deliver group programmes, workshops, keynote presentations and 1:1 programmes for individuals across all industries and sectors. We are scientist practitioners and love combining neuroscience, evidence based psychology approaches with our professional experience and down to earth attitude. We use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Training (ACT), Compassion focused techniques (CFT) and Attachment based approaches to help employees flow through this cycle:

From - Becoming more aware and and secure in our wholeselves. Having compassion, trust and faith in ourselves.

Fear - Relating flexibly and skilfully to thoughts and emotions. Being willing to have emotions but choosing flexibly how to relate to them.

To - Being grounded and focused on the direction set by personal values.

Fulfilment - Acting/Behaving in ways that are truly aligned to our values.

These scientifically proven approaches and techniques will help your employees let go of the self doubt and stresses that hold them back so they can embrace their true potential to perform and live with joy and fulfilment.

Our programs effect long term, sustainable and effective change in your employees so they can thrive and your business can grow.

Are we the right service for you? Read a bit more about us and if we resonate with you here is what to do:


We will chat through what your needs and see whether our services suits you.

If it does, we will make a plan that hits the nail on the head: a service that you need and that guarantees to help.